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Bordon based Lee's Tree Services can help with a wide range of garden services to help your garden look its best. We love helping homeowners with their gardens, so why not get in touch if you need some work done?

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Garden Services

Gardens are a great place to spend time in, somewhere you can relax with a nice drink and listen to the sounds of nature. Unfortunately, they are also a lot of hard work to get them looking nice. This is where Lee's Tree Service comes in. We help homeowners in Bordon and the surrounding areas with the general upkeep, leaving you more time to enjoy them.

This was the first time that we have used Nathan and his team from Lee's Tree Services and they did not disappoint. They were here to crown reduce an extremely large oak tree and top some conifers and I must say they did an excellent job. They were on time, very tidy, very friendly and just got on with the job. When finances permit we will definitely be getting them back for another couple of crown reductions. (Pics are on their facebook page from the 10th May 24). We would highly recommend them for any work that you need doing.

TheAndrewcotton - Google Review

Leaf blower at work

Garden Clearance

Our garden clearance services are ideal if you have a cluttered and messy garden with old toys scattered around and various plants and piles of leaves that need removing. By clearing your garden, you will instantly see the benefit as it will look a lot neater and be easier to look after going forward.

Garden Maintenance

We can undertake general garden maintenance, everything from cutting the grass to trimming your hedges and generally having a tidy up. We provide this in Bordon and the surrounding areas, usually working within a radius of 15-miles or so. Our rates are very competitive and we always do a thorough job, so why not get in touch?

Stock image of garden clippings and secateurs with recycling container and lawn rake in th
Lawn mower on grass in garden

Lawn Tidy-ups

Mowing the lawn is a task that needs to be regularly done to keep on top of it and to keep your grass healthy. If you would like some help with your lawn, we’ll be happy to help. Lee's Tree Service will be happy to do a lawn tide-up as a one-off, or we can arrange to regularly do it, whichever you prefer.

Hedge Cutting

Hedges are great in gardens, providing you with the privacy you want whilst also looking nice at the same time. Hedges can soon become overgrown and look untidy, so why not take advantage of our hedge cutting service? Using good quality hedge cutters, we can soon have your hedge looking in good condition again. To book this service, just get in touch.

Cutting the trees, please see also my other versions of hedge cutting and my other images
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Maintaining Beds & Strimming

Everyone loves nice garden beds where you can grow and display flowers. These look beautiful in any garden, but have a tendency to soon have grass encroaching on them and for weeds to grow where they shouldn’t. If you want your flower beds to look their best, our strimming and maintenance service would be ideal for you.

Bush Cutting

With our more than 20 years of experience, you can be confident we know a thing or two about cutting and shaping bushes. Shaping a bush is trickier than it seems, so if yours needs looking at, why not leave it to the experts? Whatever the size of your garden and your decorative bushes, we’ll soon have the excess foliage trimmed away, leaving you with neat looking bushes.

Cutting the Topiary

Get In Touch!

All our garden services are provided so you can enjoy your garden more without all the hard work. Whether it’s one-off or regular gardening, here at Lee’s Tree Services, we would love to help you achieve a garden that is a wonderful place to relax in without having to think about the jobs that need doing.

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